Wish Bobbel

Wish Bobbel

A Wish Bobble allows you to build your own colorway. You chose the number of meters, the number of colors, the number of threads (ply), and whether you want to include glitter.
You may see all available colors in the Information section of the site.

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Personal wish Bobbel
Make up your own bobble

  • 5000m
  • 4500m
  • 4000m
  • 3500m
  • 3000m
  • 2500m
  • 2000m
  • 1750m
  • 1500m
  • 1250m
  • 1000m
  • 750m
  • 500m
  • 250m

3 or 4 threads
2 to 6 colors

go to the Colours   >>>> Colours <<<<
With and without glitterPlease tell us the colors you desire (up to a maximum of six colors) and the order in which you would like the colors. 
If you would like an existing colorway, simply tell us the name of that bobble.

Wenn you want other Length please Contact is