about Bobbels

Small Bobbelkunde
The bobbins are boxed.
Folded means that the individual threads run side by side and are not lined up
If small loops are formed, you can loosely knit them or crochet them
In addition, small nodules are formed during the color change, these connections are long-lasting, so that the thread can be incorporated in the connection.
Please note that color variations may occur due to your screen settings.


How many meters do you need for:
Sweater / Cardigan in Size: Cloth / Scarf:
S / M = ca 750m-900m small = about 500m
M / L = approx. 850m-1100m medium = approx. 750m
L / XL = approx. 1000m-1300m large = approx. 1000m
XL / XXL = about 1300m - 1500m
XXL / XXXL = 1500m - 1700m
For the sleeves, caps and cuffs, the pattern and the length are also important:
These are "just" experiences. The exact yarn consumption can vary depending on the pattern and the desired length.
The weight can vary +/- 5%. Wool is a natural product and is subject to a natural variation in moisture content.